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At XMotus we have a rich and diverse global-team – between us speaking 8 languages. All of us are united by our common passion and belief in the power of data and AI to better inform decision making – unearthing truths and unique insights. Our team is one that has been carefully curated by our co-founders – whilst the inputs have been far greater and to those people we are most thankful, we’d like you to meet some of the Team and Advisors behind the XMotus:

Andy Young


Systems thinker with a history of building high performing teams. Passion for revolutionising data driven decision-making through application of AI. Desire to deliver far reaching benefits of making quality data accessible, engaging and affordable. Deep strategic and operational experience, establishing cultures of continuous improvement and innovation.

Mick Adams


A solutions focused Full-stack developer with vast experience in both front-end and back-end development. A Big Data fanatic skilled in large scale information retrieval. A deep seated love for software development and computer science which started at a young age. Extensive programming experience designing and delivering innovative solutions to the problem at hand.


Data Scientist

Multi-lingual Data Scientist having gained a PhD in Mathematics in 2012 subsequently focusing on machine learning and mathematical modelling. Possesses a profound knowledge in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and programming. Focuses on real-world applications such as revealing hidden trends in Big Data. Deep statistical knowledge.


Data Scientist

Stanford and Oxford University educated passion for advancements in the field of NLP + Linguisitics. Aleks experience as a researcher and thought leader in linguistics and NLP means he is perfectly suited to the challenges associated within text analytics. Beside this he has a strong interest in image recognition and has frequently looks to the world of image analysis to inform his work in the field of NLP.



PhD in Machine Learning and BSc in Computer Science, Psychology and Biology. Background developing large-scale machine learning algorithms: classification, cluster analysis and recommendation based on massive datasets of behavioural data. Deep expertise in developing consumer profiles based on different types of data (social, behavioural, questionnaires) and turning it into predictive behaviour (in finance and recommendation). Passionate for creating GDPR compliant, ethical Edge AI solutions.



Highly experienced strategic comms practitioner both for global FMCG as well as fast growth, entrepreneurial businesses. Broad understanding of category management and new product launch. Specialist in strategic partnerships (B2B and B2C) and top tier PR. Deep knowledge of communications agency operations supporting global brands both on and offline. Adept in people management along with sound legal and commercial skills. Practical experience in brand and product entity tracking and social and behavioural analytics.



Scientist and Engineer with a passion for discovering new knowledge and using it to solve challenging data-driven problems. Broad background in machine learning and data analysis, applied to text mining, neuroscience and image processing among other areas.
Deep experience of machine learning and NLP to detect misinformation and disinformation in web content. Experience of collaborating with academics on research projects, devising and carrying out machine learning experiments, and contributing to code strategies.

Professor Pardoe

Chief AI Officer

PhD in Artificial Intelligence, specifically Machine Learning. Voted top 20 global AI influencer by IBM Watson. Principle Director of Artificial Intelligence advising clients on the delivery of enterprise scale implementation of AI as well strategic and innovation aspects of AI adoption. Thought leader on Artificial Intelligence, with experience of NLP, NLG, time-series predictive models as well as image and video analytics. Knowledgeable on all aspects of responsible and ethical AI and data bias resolution techniques. A technologist with 20 years’ experience as a global development manager including distributed database architectures and big data platforms.

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