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The global Knowledge Economy demands a unified view of media information that shows the big picture. Our AI is better trained on a deeper pool of data to deliver our users new knowledge and uniquely relevant perspectives better informing decision making. Our combined dataset consists of data harvested from publicly available open source and Deep Web material.

But what is the Deep Web?  The deep web, invisible web, or hidden web are areas of the World Wide Web whose contents are often held behind paywalls, subscriber content or academic text or journals not indexed by standard web search-engines such as Google or Bing. The Deep Web is different from the “Surface Web”, which is fully indexed and accessible to those using the internet with a conventional search engine.

Remember the Deep Web should not be confused with the dark web. The Dark Web is parts of the World Wide Web providing access to illegal material, often used by those wishing to remain anonymous. Sites on the dark web are encrypted requiring special tools for access such as the Tor encryption tool.

SKOOP™ - Unified Media Monitoring and Intelligence

Our AI elevates real-time media monitoring beyond a simple listening tool providing clients with media intelligence – truly actionable insights that help drive and shape you and your clients business. Weave a compelling narrative from within the millions of daily news articles and use compelling visualisation to bring your stories to life.

SKOOP™ removes the silo’s that exist between different media types:  by including social, traditional news print (offline and online), pay-walled content, rich broadcast media (TV and Radio) and processing over 100 languages we provide a wider uniquely unified lens on the world.

Meaningful Media intelligence that better supports risk, reputation and crisis management, trend and opportunity spotting.

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SPECTRA™ - Strategic Decision Making Intelligence

SPECTRA™ empowers and supports business leaders and advisors in their strategic decision making. Our  prowess in large-scale, rapid information retrieval ensures you have the information to hand when you need it.

Using our proprietary Advanced Intelligence™ engine we harvest unstructured data from the Deep Web: a part of the web that remains largely unindexed by standard search engines, we help unearth new insight. The deep web is currently estimated at almost 500 times the size of the surface web. Let our truly BIG DATA support you in your most important business decisions.

Drawing on world-class research, and our strong links to academia we have the horse power and credentials to turbo-charge your company into the Twenty First Century, better equipping you for success in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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We say comprehensive - judge for yourself! With over 2000 Global Broadcast TV and Radio stations, exclusive paywalled content, more than 9000 international trade journal and magazines, social media, blogs, forums and the processing of over 5million news articles per day in 100+ languages. 24x7 real-time media monitoring and alerts just got serious. Add in actionable insights... isn't it time you got the big picture?


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