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identify new opportunities, better manage risk, and spot the unknown unknowns.

SPECTRA™ – Welcome to deeper, more insightful decision making supported by AI that harnesses the power of truly Big Data.

Using the power of our Advanced Intelligence™ engine we open clients up to a wider World Wide Web.  Introducing the  power of TRULY BIG DATA™, harvesting unstructured data from the Deep Web: a part of the web that remains largely unindexed by standard search engines, currently estimated at almost 500 times the size of the surface web we expand the fundamentals of your decision making.

Most people make decisions based on intelligence gathered from just 1% of the web, you won’t….

SPECTRA™ dives deep below the surface to give you access to richer seams of knowledge from the unindexed, unstructured to the paywalled and subscriber content hidden from view.

Act faster, and with greater clarity as XMotus Advanced Intelligence system draws on state of the art AI and machine learning to extract meaning and insight from both the surface and the deep web making better sense of the world around.. - simply eye opening. Prepare to be amazed, I was!

– Professor Andy Pardoe - Head of Artificial Intelligence

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