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Act with confidence: uncover meaning behind the headline and keywords.

XMotus applies Advanced Intelligence to get you ahead. Whether you want to be ahead of the story, market or competition our augmented AI driven platform can support you. We help you quickly and effectively filter through the noise, alerting you to the information that matters,  keeping you ahead of the story.

Our platform scours the worlds media, both online and offline (print); tracking the people, companies, topics, and brands that matter to you. Whats more we go deeper and unearth relevant stories from the deep web to better inform you.

XMotus alerts save you time and resource – being always on, our real-time 24×7 media monitoring and alerts means you can dedicate time to your job, without fear of missing out on the news that matters to you.

Information is arguably the most valuable currency in today’s global economy, though only if you can extract real meaningful value from it, giving your business a strategic advantage.  With our uniquely unified view across social media, traditional print (offline and online), broadcast (TV and Radio) even peaking behind paywalls, and processing no less than 100 languages we remove the barriers to bring you actionable insight.

Our best-in-class data-set is analysed by our proprietary Advanced Intelligence Engine, going beyond simple monitoring to uncover actionable insight that you can trust and act on in confidence.

It’s a corporate officer or advisor’s secret weapon, allowing you to get ahead and focus beyond “what’s just happening”, instead looking towards the “What’s next?

Paul Warwick - Advisor Marketing and Commercial Strategy

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