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For many industries, today’s biggest problems are not from a lack of access to data, but knowing how to quickly and effectively retrieve relevant data to highlight opportunity and manage risk through meaningful insights.

Our mission has been in supporting  Leaders and Advisers making better informed decisions using AI to help ‘join the dots’ and provide actionable insights. To this extent we set about building a cloud-based, B2B tech platform.  An AI driven information discovery platform to help users make better sense of the world,  allowing you to really look at the world around you before focusing on what really matters to you.

Amazingly many of todays business decisions are still based on data garnered from a limited dataset, the ‘surface web’ served up by search engines like Bing and Google. This ‘surface search’ only represents about 1% of the data available.

When it comes to media monitoring tools, most users are served up news from a relatively narrow field such as social, or worse still they are reliant on a single data source. SKOOP our Media Monitoring Intelligence platform puts an end to this through combining multiple data sources and media types including broadcast, news and magazine, (online and offline print versions), social, forums and blogs.

XMOTUS enables our users to ‘Know Better’ as our products deep dive into the deep web to better inform your decision making found within the other 99% of unstructured, ‘hidden datasets’ to bring greater clarity and insight.

Through harvesting both the surface web and the deep web you get to see the bigger picture like trends before they happen or emerging threats – the ‘unknown unknowns’.

Our goal is simple, to support better business leaders and advisors decision making through applying AI to advance business intelligence and empower through delivering truly meaningful, actionable insight.

We are building an accessible AI Product suite that empower our users in answering the critical questions to better protect and grow their business. Whether that be protection through better reputation or risk management, or growth through sales prospecting, new market identification and deeper, clearer competitor insights.

‘Know Sooner’ with XMOTUS as we enable our customers to stay focused on their day job confident in the knowledge that the news that matters to them is being tracked. Our 24×7 alerts keeping them abreast of critical changes and important updates.

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Advanced Information Discovery Platform. Transforming decision making for business leaders and advisors using human-centric AI.